Crackerjack Maths School Club offers an opportunity for children to practise their existing mathematical skills in a fun and exciting environment. We do this by demonstrating how maths is used in different professions by using fancy-dress and relevant activities. For example, we could be helping athletes work out the elapsed time from one lap to another, or we may direct our attention to aiding a pilot’s journey by working out their destination’s coordinates!

Focusing on a different profession each week allows us to recap and consolidate a wide variety of national curriculum objectives. Whilst increasing children’s enjoyment of this all-important subject we use real-life applications to help bring the practical use of maths to the fore.

By using fancy-dress, lots of kinaesthetic activities and a range of independent and team tasks we are able to inspire children and make them eager to learn more.

Yes, we aim to make our club as enjoyable as possible, which for those able mathematicians is a great chance to encourage their love of maths. However, it is also a good opportunity to show those reluctant or struggling mathematicians that maths can be exciting, whilst simultaneously providing valuable practise in a fun and supportive environment.

Our clubs are run as 10-week courses, scheduled on a weekly basis throughout the school term. Each set of 10 sessions are tailored to a specific year group and will be covering key national curriculum objectives in tandem with their school work.

We require the club to be booked by a school member of staff. Therefore if you are a parent and would like our club at your child’s school please encourage the teachers to get in contact!

Before-school, during lunchtime or after-school, Monday-Friday, Winter, Spring or Summer term.
Up to 12 children per course.
Year groups 3 and 4


"Charlotte has been teaching maths to my 8 year old daughter for a couple of months with fantastic results. My daughter actually looks forward to her extra maths class and is already benefiting hugely."

"Charlotte is a natural with children, she’s kind and full of enthusiasm, which is enabling my daughters confidence to flourish."

"We’ll certainly be carrying on with our 1-1’s, I would recommend Crackerjack Maths to anyone who needs extra support and I can’t thank Charlotte enough for her help so far!"
Charlotte has been teaching my 8 year old son at a weekly after school club and he can’t get enough. He loved maths to begin with but now with Charlottes help he can apply it to every day life. They learn about how math affects different jobs each week and he loves getting dressed up to role play. Charlotte even identified that josh is advanced for the year 3 work so gave him some year 4 work to challenge him and he is thriving. We will definitely be signing up in the new school year. Thank you Charlotte for making maths fun for him.
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