1:1 / Small Group Tuition

Our private tutoring service can take the form of 1:1 teaching or as part of a small group, whether that be in our summer courses or in weekly sessions.

We understand that the summer holidays offer a well-deserved break and that for many children learning is the last thing on their mind. However, we are also aware of how quickly topics can be forgotten and progress at the beginning of the new academic year can be hindered due to lack of retention of methods and concepts over the summer period. For this reason, we have created summer consolidation courses!

Our courses are designed to recap the content of the previous academic year in 6 or 12 sessions.

The 6 session course is designed for those children who mastered the curriculum objectives throughout the academic year, but would benefit from some mathematical stimulation during the holidays in order to ensure they are in the best possible position to start the new academic year in September.

The 12 session course is better suited to those who struggled with some, or all of the new mathematical concepts presented to them over the last 3 terms, and who could utilise the time away from school. This will help consolidate their learning and boost their confidence ready to tackle what the new year brings.

As it is the summer holidays we still want the children to be enjoying themselves. This is why we make these sessions as interactive and fun as possible using mathematical games to gauge understanding once a topic has been revised.

Each session is 1 hour long and will be carried out in your home at a time that is suitable for your family. We recommend that the sessions take place once or twice a week (depending on which course you opt for). However, we understand that many of you use this time to go away, therefore if you wish to use your sessions over a shorter period of time we can accommodate this.

£150 per child
£280 per child

We provide resources that follow the national curriculum, and our lesson plans allow our clients to systematically work through all maths topics at Year 3, 4, 5, or 6 level. If appropriate, these individual sessions can be tailored in order to address the topics and methods of greatest need to your child

£20 per child
£17.50 per child


Charlotte has been teaching my 8 year old son at a weekly after school club and he can’t get enough. He loved maths to begin with but now with Charlottes help he can apply it to every day life. They learn about how math affects different jobs each week and he loves getting dressed up to role play. Charlotte even identified that josh is advanced for the year 3 work so gave him some year 4 work to challenge him and he is thriving. We will definitely be signing up in the new school year. Thank you Charlotte for making maths fun for him.
"Charlotte is a natural with children, she’s kind and full of enthusiasm, which is enabling my daughters confidence to flourish."

"We’ll certainly be carrying on with our 1-1’s, I would recommend Crackerjack Maths to anyone who needs extra support and I can’t thank Charlotte enough for her help so far!"
"Charlotte has been teaching maths to my 8 year old daughter for a couple of months with fantastic results. My daughter actually looks forward to her extra maths class and is already benefiting hugely."

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